Best in Show: Juggle

I have an HR nerd confession, I like looking at career sites. There is something fascinating about an organization's web presence relative to attracting talent. Examples like Pepsi's Google+ page have pushed me to push my team to make better use of it as part of our social media presence, Kimberly-Clark's recruitment video gave us the nudge to move forward with developing various videos centered around our employee benefits and culture, and Juggle - a tech company outside St. Louis - got me thinking about how we provided benefits information via our website.

Juggle gets it right, the site has a pitch perfect amount of slickness, it draws you in with a mix of text and graphics and turns a potential applicant into a candidate. The strong focus not just on benefits but also perks and culture help make the careers site at one of the most intriguing I've come across (and one we're using as a bit of inspiration here and there at my current organization).

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