Things Are Brewing

While you might not be able to tell from the silence most of this week, things are starting to get interesting here at The Field Guide with the introduction of a number of recurring series including:

The Monday Playlist - starting next week, check The Field Guide out on Twitter (or here on the site) for a Spotify playlist of songs to help you get through the workweek, to plow through a stack of reports, to give you some ear candy when you're working through lunch, or to simply help you shut down at the end of the day.

Nine Questions - starting Friday, The Field Guide begins a semi-regular interview series with HR (and related professions) thought leaders covering everything from how they view the future of the field to professional regret to leadership to career advice. First up is Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast.

The Big Q - later this month the results of the first edition of The Big Q will go live, I've polled HR professionals and executives across The Field Guide's social media footprint with the following question: "When I say Talent Management, what all functions/specialties/areas of expertise come to top of mind?" Be sure to check back for the responses and for October's question.

Add that to a handful of new Field Discovery and Best in Show posts coming very soon and things are starting to get crazy around here (not fraternity house crazy, more flavored coffee in the breakroom crazy, but still). So, please keep on checking in (and I hope you're enjoying the posts), and if there's something you'd like to see (Field Discoveries or Best in Show or a candidate for the Nine Questions series) please drop me a line.

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