The Big Q

I've been thinking about ways to better create <buzzword alert!> synergies between this blog and my Twitter account besides the obvious cross-posting of things that go up here over there and that lovely little Twitter feed down near the bottom of the sidebar to your right. So, I thought I'd try an experiment of sorts, I've asked a question that doesn't really have a straight forward right or wrong answer (forever more to be known as The Big Q, I even hash-tagged that sucker #thebigQ) over on Twitter aimed at all the HR folks dropping knowledge bombs in 140 character bursts - the first question of what I hope will turn out to be a monthly exercise is:

"When I say Talent Management, what all functions/specialties/areas of expertise come to top of mind?"

As I get feedback, I'll do the data collection thing and post the results back here (maybe even in pictographic form, maybe not) right around the time I post next month's edition of The Big Q. In the meantime, become a burgeoning thought leader yourself and drop me a tweet or DM (@thehrfieldguide - #thebigQ), an email (eriksmetana AT thehrfieldguide DOT com), or if you're so inclined a comment below.

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