"The Who Behind Your Why"

I'm excited to share that I have a new article up over at TalentCulture titled, "The Value of Value Propositions." For a sneak peek of my latest, read on:
Industry, products and services, customer base – these are all things that differ in terms and context dependent on who an organization is and what it does, but whether the discussion is centered on a multi-national corporation or a mom-and-pop-shop or a university they are all factors that the leaders within those organizations strive to define and manage to and benchmark against. They are the tangibles that make up the what and how of a business, their why typically takes shape in the guise of a mission or vision or call to action, but the factor that often gets ignored to the detriment of an organization’s best efforts to be the best version of itself, and an important component of any organizational equation is who.
To read the rest, please check out "The Value of Value Propositions" at TalentCulture. 

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