"The Magic Eight Ball of Recruiting"

In what is the first of two articles I have going up this week, my new piece on the idea of predicting the talent fit pre-hire, titled "The Future of Hiring is Quality of Hire," is now live at ERE. For a sneak peek, read on:
The function responsible for identifying, engaging, and bringing talent into an organization has lived under a variety of names over the decades, ranging from staffing to recruitment to talent acquisition to search operations to future state buzz-heavy names like talent fulfillment and career engineering. The processes and designs behind these functions exist anywhere along a spectrum of how and what and why wherein some organizations still rely on paper applications (I, too, shudder to think about it) to workplaces that have moved the candidate experience to places built on VR and gamification. While the names and the way the functions get their work done may vary, one commonality for any and all of these functions is the overarching desire to...
To read the rest, please check out "The Future of Hiring is Quality of Hire" at ERE.

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