Spooky: Ninjas, Workhorses & Zombies

A couple of years back I fulfilled a professional dream to write (and get published) an article that makes gratuitous use of the words zombie and ninja - and as one might expect with such subject matter it's a bit spooky (or at least makes one question how we can better manage talent in the workplace). Here's a snippet:
It begins with looking at your current roster of talent, assessing both your needs and wants, and then developing a strategy that builds on your organization’s strengths and attacks its weaknesses. Now, there are organizations that have been preparing for this change in demographics in degrees varying from proactive talent reviews to approaches mirroring crazed survivalists gathering their supplies and building shelters to withstand nuclear fallout. If your place of work fits anywhere in that spectrum, the following may not be a surprise.
For more on this pseudo-halloween related topic, please check out "Getting Ready to Weather the Coming Workforce Shift" at TLNT... and happy halloween!

Header Photo Credit: katerha via Compfight cc

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