KnowledgeBomb: The Box

Back in the early days of this site I'd occasionally ask "Big Questions," readers would sometimes respond via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, or LinkedIn and I'd post a bit of follow-up... like so many things, it was a great idea that fizzled in execution. That said, the notion of big questions is one that hasn't gone away (for me, my readers, or anyone interested in all this crazy HR/Business/Leadership stuff that I ramble on about)... with that in mind, I'm going to try something different.

Below is the first, in what I hope will eventually become a sporadically updated series, of KnowledgeBomb videos asking big questions and things of the like. If you have a second, please watch. If you like it, please share. Thanks!

Header Photo Credit: SiamEye via Compfight cc
Video Music Credit: Jason Shaw via Audionautix

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