Flying on a Jet Plane

Next week is the CUPA-HR National Conference in scenic Orlando - the university has four separate presentations and will be the recipient of the National HR Excellence Award; of the four presentations we're fortunate to facilitate, I am leading two of them:
  • Shaping Your People Strategy: Using Big Data to Understand Your Workforce 
  • Leveraging Organizational Opportunities for the Development and Implementation of an HR Service Center
I had the opportunity to share our people data story at the CUPA-HR Midwest Conference and due to staffing shifts I am picking up the reigns to co-present about our HR Service Center and the journey we've embarked on leading from disparate groups, functions, and teams to a collective group working to meet the HR needs of our faculty and staff.

If you've followed along with this site (or on Twitter), then it should come as no surprise that I'll be attempting to tweet all the cool, interesting, and conferencey things that go down in the Sunshine State. If you're headed to the conference, I'd love to meet you (or at least get a chance to share our stories with you) and if you're playing along from home, please keep an eye on Twitter (look for #cupahr15).

Header Photo Credit: RobertCiavarro via Compfight cc

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