Assess, Measure, & Manage - Oh My!

I'm excited to share that I have a new article up over at TalentCulture titled, "Performance Management: Going Beyond the Appraisal." It is my hope that in addition to the sporadic pieces I write and manage to find homes for at places like TLNT, ERE Media, and others, that I'll be making a regular habit of sharing thoughts and ideas at TalentCulture going forward. For a sneak peek of my latest, read on:
Performance and performance management – it’s something every organization, be it a Fortune 500 or a non-profit or a public sector institution talks about. Odds are they talk about it a lot and despite all that talk it is still likely a topic that causes managers and leaders to want to pull out their hair and one that stirs feelings in employees ranging from dread to fear to mental eye-rolling. Some organizations tackle the challenging of reviewing and communicating performance via three-point scales or five-point or twenty-seven point; others embrace 360 degree reviews; some organizations have highly calibrated processes whereas others have “Oh, it’s that time of year again” approaches; then there are the organizations dropping the idea of formal performance appraisals in the goal of creating more dialogue and something better. The point: assessing, measuring and managing performance is complex and ever-evolving; but there are some core principles that regardless of where an organization falls on the spectrum of processes and approaches that hold true.
To read the rest, please check out "Performance Management: Going Beyond the Appraisal" at TalentCulture.

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