To Quote Nappy Roots

"We're gonna have a good day..." And today was one of those days, one in a string over the last couple of months for my team(s) - as I mentioned in my last post, our HR Communications & Education team won an Excellence Award from the IABC, this followed their submission (and acceptance) of their presentation on change management to the midwest and southern regional conferences of CUPA-HR. Two more of my teams (People Data and our HR Service Center) had presentation acceptances for the midwest regional CUPA-HR conference as well... then today happened, we got word that all THREE groups are headed to Orlando this fall to present at the CUPA-HR National Conference.

Needless to say, I'm super proud of the great team of managers I get the opportunity to lead on a daily basis - they're all doing amazing things, work that's cutting edge, projects that are reshaping our organization. They make me a better leader, I learn as much from them if not more than I'm able to share with them, they're rockstars each and everyone! But I digress... Instead of me rambling on about the awesome stuff they're all doing, here are some videos highlighting the work we're getting recognized for in venues large and small.

If you're working in HR in the Higher Ed space and have the opportunity to head to Detroit for either the CUPA Midwest Conference later this month or to Orlando this fall for the national conference, I hope the clips above serve as an hors d'oeuvres to whet your intellectual appetite that we have the opportunity to share what we're doing with you in person.

Header Photo Credit: Jim Davies via Compfight cc

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