I Get to Work With Smart People Who Win Prizes

I am fortunate to work with several great teams in my current role - one of those groups that I've had the great opportunity to lead over the last 18 months is our HR Communications team (they'll soon be transitioning to a new director in an expanded internal communications role, largely in part because of their display of great work during the last year highlighting our larger needs and opportunities). It's one of those functions where I mostly try to stay out of their way because they're awesome at what they do, and that awesomeness was recognized this week by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

The IABC has awarded our HR Communications staff with a 2015 Gold Quill Excellence Award in the Human Resources and Benefits Communication category for their work centered around our 2015 Annual Enrollment Campaign which included face time with more than 20,000 benefit eligible employees and various other outreach and employee touches resulting in 99.9% of those employees logging into our benefits portal and making an active selection this past fall!

Congratulations to Kelli Holland and Tracey Westfield for showcasing our great institution and getting such high recognition for it! And for those interested in the great work Kelli and Tracey designed, developed, and deployed check out our AE 2015 landing page and the materials there (including the stellar Performance Report put together by this same team).

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