What Is Your Most Important Professional Achievement?

Over the last week I've had the opportunity to participate as part of two separate interview panels for a couple of spots we're filling within our larger HR organization - both of the roles call for a certain degree of a technical skill set. The candidates so far through each process have been interesting to engage with as they discuss their KSAs, their experience, their professional ambitions, and how they might bring value to our team - I don't know who we'll end up hiring for these positions, but I know the decision will be difficult and I'm glad for the fact that I'm only a part of the interview and recommendation process and not the actual hiring manager for either role. That said, as I've played my role over the course of these interviews, one of the questions on my list of "tell me mores" to glean from our candidates is:
What do you consider your most important professional achievement - why is it significant?
There have been a range of answers... read the rest at LinkedIn.

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