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Last July, before I'd made the jump from a campus location to central administration, at the behest of our President a Total Rewards Ad Hoc Task Force was formed - they worked for nearly a year to review how we as an organization were offering, funding, and communicating total rewards (a conversation that evolved into looking at other things as well). Last month, their directional recommendations were made to our Board of Curators and the real work for me, my colleagues, and our teams began. But the question of how do we talk about the work we're doing with our stakeholders going forward came up, and while there are vast communications plans involving presentations, projects and sub-projects, roadshows, videos, mailers and emails, and all sorts of other things - we wanted to start our communication efforts quickly. The first step was a web site devoted to talking about the project that allows for a sharing of materials and for a dialogue with our employees; the second was a blog that we launched this past Monday (with new content every weekday).

Needless to say, I'm a bit excited for this latest attempt by my team to better communicate with our employees, our leaders, and the community - so don't be surprised when I start retweeting (and the feed appears in Smart People, Elsewhere) and bragging and implore you to check out what we're up to.

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