Some Thoughts On Thought Leadership

For the better part of the last twelve or so months I've found myself more and more, reading and responding and considering the words and insights of the voices occupying the space that LinkedIn has developed for Influencers. I followed the likes of Reid Hoffman, Lou Adler, Bob Sutton, Jeff Weiner, and more - I shared what they had to say across my LinkedIn network and the other recesses of the internet where I tweet and post and pin. And while I enjoy putting word to pixel as much as anyone, keeping a somewhat active blog and writing content for a variety of publications online and off, I'd never fancied myself in the same category as the Influencers I followed, which explains why this is my first post in this venue despite having access to contribute in this manner for several months - in the back of my head was the notion that maybe it wasn't appropriate for my words to share the same venue (even if in a different format - Influencer vs. User Post). But then I was reminded of something I've heard at different times over the course of my career from mentors, managers, and leaders I respected... read the rest at LinkedIn.

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