I Want to be Simon Sinek When I Grow Up

I'm a bit of a fanboy when it comes to "The Golden Circle" - in fact I have a floor to ceiling whiteboard in my office currently covered with project and planning strategies around the intersections between talent management, compensation, and HRIS in my organization and at the end of the conversation that led to all of this useful business graffiti the one question each of these function's leaders had (including myself) was "What's our why?" If you're not familiar with Simon Sinek - something that's not likely if you finding yourself reading blogs like this one - he has managed to get to the heart of practical and strategic decision making and how that plays into the idea of leadership with his first two books: Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last - books that I own multiple copies of in a variety of media. In support of his latest work, Leaders Eat Last, Sinek gave a not surprisingly rousing and awesome talk this past March that was just recently posted to the TED site:
And if you haven't taken a moment to check out Sinek's work, I'd encourage anyone who is serious about being a better leader to take a look around his site, pick up a copy of his books, and start thinking about how his message translates to the what, how, and definitely the why of your work.

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