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Todd Raphael at ERE was kind enough to let me ramble on a bit about talent fulfillment and a model I've developed and used over the years in my various roles as a recruiter, recruitment manager, and hiring manager in organizations large and small (scalability = awesome). Here's a bit of a teaser:
Regardless of mission or vision statements, the ultimate goal of any high-performing HR function — and or its “talent fulfillment” group — is to provide the support, resources, and expertise to help their organization acquire, develop, and retain top talent — a responsibility that starts with strategy, focuses on acquisition, and never ends.

Talent fulfillment — the act of identifying, acquiring, and retaining top talent – can mean different things to different organizations and HR professionals. It could be hiring external recruitment agencies, temporary employees, contractors, or some combination thereof. That said, those organizations operating with that mindset, unless in the midst of a significant growth phase, aren’t likely to meet anyone’s definition of high performing. High performance means finding talent, growing talent, securing talent, and keeping talent — your organization’s own talent.

This is sort of like a short-order cook and a baker
Interested in more (and checking out the BREAD BOX - the tool the model is built around), click here.

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