My Ninjas are Healthy, Strong & Caffeinated

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending my employer's annual state of the organization to-do - it's a fairly big deal chock full of civic leaders, organizational leaders, funders/donors, and the like. If you're up for it, I posted a couple of pics over on Twitter (because there was an epic live Jedi/Sith light saber battle as part of the show), that said the real highlight of the festivities for me happened while I was talking with a senior leader who went out of his way to mention my team's last recruitment video and detailed how he has used it in conversations with other leaders and supporters of the university - it was only recently that he found out my office put it together rather than our marketing/communications department.

So riding on that professional high, here's my team's latest video - a look at the importance of employee wellness along with some options for our employees to improve/sustain their wellness while on campus.

Header Photo Credit: S.L.Y via Compfight cc

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