Some Late Friday Reading

It's been an interesting news week (and a capital-c-Crazy first week back in the office after two out) with insights, thought leadership, and some straight-up straight talk on a wide array of topics across the web, some of the highlights (and things I think might, no - definitely are - worth your while) for me included:

From Harvard Business Review: "Men: Win at Work by Leaning In at Home"
A lot has been said the last several weeks about Sheryl Sandberg and her new(ish) book Lean In - and in speaking with those that have read it (it's on my own to-read list) the thoughts and lessons Sandberg posits about women, the workplace, and getting ahead are insightful, intriguing, and in the words of one colleague "maybe not applicable to every organization, but [sic] should be." So it was with some interest that I read Stew Friedman's piece over at HBR that flips the notion and the sex a bit and points out a path for men to lean in... at home. A solid examination of gender stereotypes and focus on work/life and worth the read no matter your title (or gender).

From CNN Money: "Dance troupe markets creativity to cube-dwellers"
A while back I had the opportunity to participate in my organization's executive leadership development program and one of the highlights was watching a professional artist - a master of the fast draw, like the guys providing the occasional CBS Sunday Morning segment - who took the ideas, notions, gripes, successes, and general jibber-jabber of a room of 50 or so managers and leaders put them into a room-spanning mural that capture not just what we said, but the vibe of the room, and the culture of our organization. The bigger point - bringing creatives into the workplace to help us communicate or innovate or view an idea differently is a great thing, and it's something HP (as the article points out) is doing in spades (and pirouettes).

From Fast Company: "Why Channeling Your Inner Weirdo Helps You Get Ahead at Work"
First thing first, I love Fast Company. Their perspective and role as a crossroads between the typical business magazine and one focused on arts (and creativity) is unique and almost always without fail engaging. And this article is no exception as it takes a peek at the correlation between career success and the willingness to let your true self shine through quirks and all - something that made me smile as I look at the Tardis USB hub sitting on my desk next to a stuffed Adam West style Batman, a Number 11 Sonic Screwdriver (which is all too often mistaken for a lightsaber) and a picture of two Transformers stating "Be an Optimist Prime Not a Negatron."

So, take a few minutes, do some light reading, learn a few things, have a great weekend, and be sure to check back in at The Field Guide next week for more awesome.

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