Long Time, No See, Welcome Back, All That

It's been a bit quiet here at The Field Guide the last couple of weeks, but for good reason - my wife and I welcomed our second daughter to the world earlier this month and I've been busy on the dad-front (and incommunicado/out of the office/offline). In the convening days since her arrival, I've gotten to hold and spend time with the newest addition to our family, and have probably spent an inappropriate amount of time working through nicknames for our daughter, and as of now I'm settled on Squeak - which I'm certain will change soon enough. It was a good solid dozen or so nicknames before we (by which I mean me, my wife is kind enough to entertain my shenanigans) finally settled on Squish for our oldest daughter. Yes, I'm a nickname person, I admit it. I make no apologies. Nicknames are awesome, Squeak (and Squish) are both awesome, I probably need to lay off using the word awesome for the remainder of this post - give me a break, I haven't had a proper night's sleep in 14+ days.

Too late... speaking of things that are awesome (last one I promise), two things happened while I was out of the office if you will on the blog/writing/listen to me ramble about HR type stuff front.

The first, TLNT was kind enough to publish my article "Employee Wellness is Simply a Matter of Employee Engagement" which takes a look at the synergies and opportunities that exist between wellness and engagement programs and provides a bit of a road map to make the functions work together for the betterment of employees and the organization. You should probably take a moment, click the link above, go read it and then come back and finish this post - you'll be better for it.

Second, Jessica Miller-Merrell was wonderful enough to not only add The Field Guide to the compendium of must read HR blogs over at HR Blogger, she was cool enough to include the site in a write-up at her uber-popular site Blogging4Jobs about a handful of new and emerging HR blogs - with yours truly being on the list along with Recruiter Chicks, ruHRelevant, Christopher in HR, HR Gal Friday, HR Nasty, and Interview with the Geek.

That all said, it's good to be back in the swing of things and be on the lookout for new posts including editions of "Nine Questions," a couple of "Field Discoveries" and more in the coming weeks. And just in case you missed it, be sure to check out the most recent "Nine Questions" with the super awesome (sorry, it slipped out) Jane Watson of Talent Vanguard.

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