The Monday Morning Playback

Last week was chock full of outstanding articles, whittling it down to a handful was a bit of a challenge - one that I feel like I might have failed at a bit, considering how many excellent pieces aren't included in the list below. That said, here are some of top shelf goods that piqued my interest over the last several days; I hope you find them as insightful and interesting as I did.

From "How Talent Management Drives Financial Performance"
Once again, Josh Bersin doesn't disappoint, his latest contribution over at Forbes drives home the importance of developing a strong talent management model in your organization, the data he provides is practically all the sales pitch an HR pro would need to sell the criticality of a strong talent development and management program to the C-suite; and it comes with the added bonus reminder that all of our HR woes aren't solved by shiny software, we also need to keep an eye on the idea of how we're driving process and strategy out of the HR suite. 

From Steve Boese's HR Technology: "These might be the next HR roles you need to fill (or perform)"
Steve Boese is like the fortune telling machine that grants Tom Hanks wish in Big - he knows things that most of us just look at with a puzzled grin on our faces. And this post from his blog is no exception; HR is changing right along with our workforce, organizational cultures, demands of our stakeholders, and the constant innovation of technologies. With all this change comes a demand for new types of workers, new roles to be filled, and new opportunities that didn't exist a year ago, let alone five, heck, some of these are still in the ethers of jobs to come. 

From Human Capital League: "HR Skills Are In Demand
If you haven't noticed yet, there's a bit of a theme to this week's articles - the ever evolving demand for HR skills and HR professionals (trends is the buzzword of the week I think) - Emily Douglas spotlights this even further with an examination of an OPM study showing there is an increasing shortage of HR professionals on the open market and the KSAs they bring to the table are starting to get some serious recognition.

Now that you have your early week dose of left-brain food for thought, here's a right-brained chaser to wash it all down...

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