The Big Q

Last month, I posed the following question:
"When I say Talent Management, what all functions/specialties/areas of expertise come to top of mind?"
Many readers of the site, followers on Twitter, connections on LinkedIn, and on and on were kind enough to respond with their thoughts - most of which approached the question from a big picture POV or pseudo-philosophical perspective. There were a wide array of responses with a significant number of overlapping (or at least quite similar) thoughts on the topic. That said, without further ado, here are results* of the September edition of The Big Q...

With that out of the way, that leads to this month's Big Q, which borrows a bit (at least in concept) from this past Wednesday's post:
"Do you see your organization migrating its HRIS/HRMS to the cloud? Why or why not?" 
Want to let me know your thoughts on this month's question, then drop me a line (email, Twitter, a comment below, or LinkedIn)? I'll once again do the data collection thing and post the results back here in late November.

*all data are rounded percentage approximations based on the number and nature of responses

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