Over the Weekend: 10/8/12

My Tigers started last week with five players getting busted for possession and closed it by losing to Vanderbilt - really, Vanderbilt? At least the Redbirds stumbled into the playoffs via the first ever, inaugural, only time it has ever happened in baseball (until next year), brand new and game changing, wild card playoff. The whole infield flyball thing aside, it's good to see the Cards in October - 12 in '12 maybe? Anyways, here are a few of the articles that caught my eye last week, over the weekend, and in one or two cases this morning before I even had a chance to sit down and write up this post.

From The Tim Sackett Project: "HR, Meet Your Replacement"
If you're not already a regular reader of what Tim has to say, then first I'm tsk-tsking you, then I'm waiting for you to click and catch up - back, ready, good? In this quick post (not much longer than my rambling here about it), Sackett cuts to the heart of a couple of issues that seem like common fodder in most organizations - technology (and it's ever rapid advances - SkyNet is coming!) and value-adding human resources (as opposed to transactional). Without rehashing the entirety of the brief post (I'll let you read it), the basics are this: technology is great, it can make awesome things awesomer (new word, I just trademarked it) but if you're not working to add value in your HR role and keeping your focus on transactional human resources that same tech you're so excited about is going to be Web 9.0'ing you right out of a job.

From SHRM, We Know Next: "Generations Bring Unique Perspectives to Work
Here's the deal - I'm a sucker for most things multi-generational workforce related, and given that we're working in the only point in history thus far where it's possible to have five generations in the same workplace at the same time, every HR pro out there should be a bit of a sucker for this topic as well. And this article from SHRM is a nice introduction to the topic if you aren't already familiar with it, and has some interesting thoughts on the topic if you are.

From TLNT: "Want to Be More Strategic? Here Are Obstacles That HR Must Overcome"
I've been following the insights of Dr. Wendell Williams for a little while now, and this piece accomplishes what he does best - big topics, huge insight, simple terms. In this case, the reasons HR fails to be strategic in many organizations (hint: it's usually our own fault) and how we can work to eliminate them (the reasons, not HR).

From Forbes: "5 Ways to Rock Star HR Leadership"
Meghan Biro is an HR thought ninja, you should follow her on Twitter () and while you're at it check out this article. In it she breaks down where human resources departments fail in terms of our vision and leadership potential - how we can sometimes get short sighted and all gatekeeperish; where we fall flat in terms of innovation, strategy, and ability to be proactive (and awesome) as opposed to reactive (and lame).

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