Corporate Taxonomy, No. 002-12

Catalog Number: 002-12
Latin Name: Velox Excoquuntur
Common Name: The short-fused manager

Behaviors: The species has a tendency to get fiery, upset, agitated, or redirect frustration at their employees, co-workers, passers-by, or wait staff when they go out to lunch. Typically these episodes have no direct correlation to the overall performance or aptitude of the directed audience and are usually triggered by a single incident of non-critical importance or in many cases have no correlation whatsoever to the audience (aka prey).

Observation Notes: The Velox Excoquuntur is an isolated breed, destined to self-seclusion by way of repeated negative interactions within their herd (i.e. company) that fights its way to gamma level (middle management) positions of authority through shrewd, often surprisingly intelligent tactics.

However, once seated in a position of control over others or activities, the compulsion to act in line with its true nature becomes nearly impossible to abstain from and soon social plummet within the herd is all but guaranteed to occur. Common examples of  Velox Excoquuntur in action include habits like finger pointing (blame passing), vocal instability (yelling and or cursing), chameleon like shading of the skin (in varying degrees of red), hydro-communication (saliva soaked words), and heavy footed walking/pacing not excluding stomping of its feet.

Estimated Population: Population numbers may vary by organization based on internal culture, members of the species are typically identified as liabilities and targeted for strategic population reduction in most workplaces.

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