Things We Do Around Here

My employer has a growing and impressive employee wellness program and one of their most successful initiatives has been centered around employee walking groups and a Million Step Pedometer Program. After some recent conversations with the wellness team, my team (which seems to be ready to tackle anything and everything that isn't payroll or benefits administration) took on the task of designing some collaterals centered around campus walking maps - that evolved into a mini-campaign across our social media presences including all the usual places - but, the part where my team really stepped up their game and even surprised me (and I work with them, witnessing their awesome every day) is the video below - after seeing it and the other items they've put together I had to take a moment to brag about their hard work.

The short clip (less the two minutes) covers all the important bases including how the program works, who to contact, why the program is a benefit, and mixes it all together with some great statistics that make it hard to not get up from your desk and get moving.

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