Corporate Taxonomy, No. 001-12

Catalog Number: 001-12
Latin Name: Intelligents Ingenium
Common Name: The uninformed know-it-all

Behaviors: The species has a preponderance to interject comments, thoughts, opinions, rhetoric, unobservable observations, jargon, or other non-useful dialogue into conversations to which they are either not a party, not an expert, or most commonly have no ground or standing to discuss with any other living human being.

Observation Notes: The Intelligents Ingenium is a tricky species in that it is often able to disguise itself as a subject matter expert or at least as someone with a detectable amount of competence, though this act can only be sustained for so long before inevitably their true nature is displayed in a case of pronking on a topic, most typically in a small group of peers to which they've developed a false sense of superiority. Intelligents Ingenium are often caste out from their co-workers as a result of misjudging their audience while engaged in an act of pronking to which someone with either superior knowledge or standing in the organization reacts in the layperson's term of "calling them out."

"Called out" Intelligents Ingenium typically self seclude after a first experience with a legitimate subject matter expert, but some will continue to attempt to interject themselves until which point they are "called out" into complete and permanent social isolation, or leave the organization of their own accord or more typically someone else's.

Estimated Population: Too great to accurately estimate in many organizations.

Special Note: The Intelligents Ingenium should not be confused with the Sententiae Collator which is a separate species unto its own known for similar behaviors of conversational disruption centered around hot button personal issues (i.e. religion, politics, dating, etc.).

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