"Long Time Gone"

It's been a minute since the last post here at the old field guide and quite a bit has happened in my professional life since then.

Two promotions, a couple of reorganizations, an awesome new boss (and a new boss for my new boss), some major changes on my team (in the best of ways), being asked to participate on the CUPA-HR Research Advisory Committee, and acceptance into a doctoral program at one of the top universities in the country. My team has continued to develop cool new things and tell our story at state, regional, and national events. It feels like we're dropping new initiatives left and right, all focused on making the employee experience of our faculty and staff top notch. And last but not least, coming soon to a phone/internet enabled machine thing near you, our Careers and Culture team will be launching a new bi-weekly podcast, Heads Up HR.

I'm super excited about the podcast and the growing number of planned guests whose insights on higher ed, HR, and leadership I can't wait to share with anyone and everyone. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Heads Up HR and hopefully more frequent posts will become a new semi-normal thing here, looking ahead.

Header Photo Credit: kishjar? via Compfight cc

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